I can't get the plugin to sync with Google Calendar.

I can't get the plugin to sync with Google Calendar. I wanted to set bidirectional syncing, but nothing happens when I set an appointment. No confirmation email also.

  • Vaughan


    It looks like you haven't entered your keyfile.

    You need to download your .p12 private key from your google account, then upload it to /plugins/appointments/includes/gcal/key/

    Once done, you enter the filename (ommitting the .p12 extension)

    To download the keyfile, goto your google developers console.


    Click the project name you created from the list of projects.

    Then click Credentials in the left menu.

    Now if you have a oauth client id setup already, click generate p12 key

    Otherwise you need to create a new oauth client id first.

    once you have the key, upload it to your server.

    it'll download a file called something like apps-353464642.p12

    So you upload that, then in the Appointments > settings > gcal page.

    You would enter the filename in the keyfile field without the .p12 extension.

    So in the case above. just enter it as apps-353464642

    Hope this helps

  • DavidM

    Hi Avi,

    Thanks for mentioning Google Apps! It seems there's an extra step needed when using Google Apps for Business, mentioned in this previous post:

    I'll quote from that member here:

    2. An important step is missing from the laundry list of steps in the Appointments + Google Calendar settings page for when activating it in a Google Apps for Business Account. In order to share the created calendar with the email created in the API, you also have to go into your Google Apps for Business Admin Portal, then access the settings for the Calendars, and finally allow the sharing of your calendars with outside users. Without this, the sharing privileges you try to update in your Google Calendar will not stick and simply revert back to the viewing of calendars only.

    Could you have a look into that and let us know how it works for you?

    Meanwhile, I'll chat with the team to see how that could maybe be addressed in the plugin and docs.

    If you're still stuck we can take a closer look over FTP for you, let me know if you would prefer that. We would really love to resolve this issue for you.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Avi!

    Adding a file should definitely not remove a plugin completely. The only case I can thing of where this might happen is if you uploaded your p12 file to the wrong place, thus causing a fatal error. If that was the case, you should have seen an error message on your dashboard, however.

    This is a great guide we have on troubleshooting common issues seen with WordPress, would you mind running through the steps quickly to see if the issue is resolved while trying any of them? https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/get-awesome-wordpress-support/

    If that doesn't help reveal the cause, with regards to a refund, we don't handle that within the technical support forums, you need to chat with the accounts department form: https://premium.wpmudev.org/contact/ Make sure to mark "I have a billing question" so it doesn't get routed to the wrong place.

    Thanks, Avi! Hopefully we can get this worked out for you.

  • Avi


    You suck so much that it is my new mission in life to tell as many people as I can how much you suck. And that's a lot of suckiness, to be sure. I don't even want my money back from you assholes any more. I just want you to burn in the eternal flame of sucky companies who sell products that do not work and then refuse a refund, despite what they specifically wrote in their fucking terms and conditions on their fucking website. Cheers!

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Avi,

    Please refrain from swearing in your posts. The plugin does work and we have thousands of members who it works fine.

    We've been waiting since the 25th of October to hear back from you regarding the issue. Which is 13 of those 18 days.

    We're more than happy to help and would love to get this resolved for you. It's possible there's a conflict here which is why the appointments aren't synced to your Google Calendar.

    Also make sure you aren't using your Primary calendar, it should be a secondary calendar.

    Have you tried the trouble shooting guide @Michelle Shull posted above?

    We're here to help.

    Kind Regards

  • Avi

    Is the forum support and email support two totally different entities? Could this company be any worse? I have exchanged many messages with your email support guy this past two and a half weeks, so it is a shame that you don't seem to know about that. THOUGH IT MAKES SENSE BEING THAT THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR IS BASICALLY A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS WHO TAKE ONE'S HARD EARNED MONEY AND REFUSE TO RETURN IT WHEN THEY'RE RIGHTFULLY ASKED TO DO SO. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ORDERING ME AROUND, HITLER.

  • Avi

    Since your right hand does not know what the left one is doing, here is the email that I got from your email support a few hours ago:

    Hi Avi,

    Aw, I really am sorry to hear you feel this way. :slight_frown: I realize you're very frustrated but I'm just hoping there's some way we can begin with turn this whole experience around for you yet.

    Would that be okay with you? If we could try and discuss a feasible solution to get things turned around here?

    To begin with, I'll gladly upgrade your account to a Full membership so that you'd get all our plugins and themes. I could extend that for a full 3 month membership, normally it'd cost $297, no cost at all for you.

    And we that'd get you a huge amount of time to try out all our other plugins and themes while we sort out this current issue.

    Just to be clear too, there are many possible reasons you wouldn't see the appointments in the calendar. Generally, it's just a matter of ensuring everything is configured to work as you'd expect it. But it could just be that we'd need to clarify a few things about how the sync process works.

    Our support forums is optimal for us to explain that, that's why I was asking if you could post there.

    We also aren't typically able to assist with support by email, our support forums are designed for that, while we're very limited here in email. If you could get this current issue posted to the forums, we'll gladly delve into the possible issues with that.

    Could you let me know how that all would work for you? Could I get that upgrade going on your account to start with?


  • Timothy Bowers

    Wow, I'm really sorry you chosen to resort to abuse. I would like to point out that not once my team has been disrespectful towards you and each time we genuinely want to help.

    Is the forum support and email support two totally different entities?

    Just to quickly mention, yes email is for accounts and billing, they don't handle anything on the support side, this is pretty standard in a lot of companies.

    As Jack pointed out, much of the delay was waiting for your response. Unfortunately if you're not willing to work with us it makes it a little hard to help. We truly want to help here, and if there is a bug in the plugin we'd be more than happy to get that fixed up and if we can't within a reasonable time we'll refund you line with our terms of service. We really want to turn this experience around into a positive one.

    As for the name calling, seriously, we're not in school anymore, lets all be adults here please! I know in some countries and cultures that might be acceptable but not here, we're in a professional environment where as human beings we should be able to converse with each other, without fear of abuse. I'd really like to get back to this with you, lets figure this one out, and if we can't then we refund and part ways.

    I am however going to lock this ticket up because clearly it's gone way off topic and isn't acceptable. Jack requested you refrain from that, as per our terms of service I'm going to temporarily ban your account from the forums.

    If you wish to continue working with us on this then that's fantastic, please email contact@wpmudev.org and get this sorted, as I said, if we can't resolve the issue we can part ways amicably which I believe is a fair solution for all.

    I really look forward to resolving this issue with you.

    Have a great weekend if we don't hear from you before.

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