I can't save address for my post

I don’t understand, this morning, it’s working and now not

I have only wpmu activate.

I find the postmeta and see that each time I save the post, the value is empty

What can I do?

Thanks for help


  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @régis Minot, hope you’re doing well today! :slight_smile:

    What have you changed on your site between now and this morning? And how are you trying to enter the address?

    I was able to insert a marker for you by allowing the browser to track my location, and moving the marker to a location in France (this was tested with the latest post on the site, “Yachts de Paris, Port Javel, Paris 15”:wink:.

    Please advise,


  • Régis Minot
    • Flash Drive

    I did nothing, I just stop to use the site for many hours

    Then, I go to edit again and see nothing working, so I disable every plugins except yours

    I just type “1 rue de la paix paris” or “1 rue de la paix paris france” or “1 rue de la paix, paris, france” in different articles and nothing happened.

    I f I use “SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE ‘%_agm_%'” I can see all my post id but only yours have a value

    @régis Minot

  • Régis Minot
    • Flash Drive

    for your information,

    I erase everything and nothing changed

    If I edit a post and accept the geoloc, my localization is automatically displayed even if I enter an address

    But if I locked the geoloc, nothing is transmitted

    I can’t use it

    I extend your access

  • Régis Minot
    • Flash Drive

    I tried in different ways to have it and when I use the google API, I received an error message about limit.

    In the beginning of my new session yesterday, I open a tab for each article.

    If with the ajax call, you retrieve the latitude for the page address, the limit is quickly reached

    So I close everything and will try again tomorow

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