I cant seem to find a blog in my database : I am using

Hello, I cant seem to find a blog in my database :\

I am using https://premium.wpmudev.org/db-tools/md5.php
Blog id is 1171, which gives me a113c1ecd3cace2237256f4c712f61b5
The blog should be in the database a1, but its not there. What is going on? I have 256 dbs.

  • Patrick
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    Hi there @Mijaeus

    I hope you're well today!

    That MD5 hash tool won't be very useful for this purpose I'm afraid.

    Multi-DB does not create specific databases for each blog in your network. It arbitrarily (pretty much) spreads the data from all your blogs across all the databases you have added to equalize the load on all of them.

    However, if you have created VIP databases for specific blogs, you will find them in your phpMyAdmin with the prefixes you gave them when you set them up.

  • Mijaeus
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    Wait, what? What use does the md5 tool serve if not to find in which database a specific blog is? This is how I used the tool all this time, and I always find the blog I need, except this time because its not there.

    The description of multi-db that you give is not the one I am using? Multi-db splits my install in 256 databases, and each time a site is created that site gets a unique ID that gets added to one of the 256 databases. Using the md5 I should be able to find which database that blog is in.

    I just searched for blog id 50, which gives md5, c0c7c76d30bd3dcaefc96f40275bdc0a. Meaning the blog id 50 is on database c0. Just checked with phpadmin and its there. Tried with blod id 950, found it in a3. But if I try blog id 1171, I get a1 but its not there!

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