I can't update ActivityPlus even though I'm a Pro Member

Here is a conversation that I've been having with one of the techs. I started the conversation a while back when I was originally having this issue, but now I'm revisiting it. I stopped working of this website but now I'm back. Not sure if the original threat was closed out, or what, but I'm hoping that you'll have a quicker turnaround, because I'm not getting any responses from my original thread anymore.

-I keep getting this when I try to upgrade my plugin:
-An error occurred while updating BuddyPress Activity Plus: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature
-I went to the wpmudev website hoping to download the file and manually upload it onto my website, but I couldn't find the file. The website kept saying that I needed to upgrade my subscription to download the file.
-I've signed up for the BuddyPress Activity Plus plugin, why don't I have access to the file?

-Hi, DarthFrodo! You have the best username I've seen all day.
-Make sure you're logged in here at DEV with the same account you purchased Activity Plus with, you can double check this by going to your profile and making sure Activity Plus is listed.
-Next, there's a chance there was just a glitch when you tried to download via your dashboard, try logging out of your site, clearing your browser history/cookies/cache, restarting your browser, and trying again.
-Hope this helps!

I did all that she suggested, but the problem persisted.

-So, I've come back to this issue. As I'm writing this post I'm also looking at this screen shot. I've made sure that I'm logged in, but it's still asking me to upgrade...

I am a Pro member with WPMU but it keeps asking me to upgrade my account to update ActivityPlus. I have WMPU Pro and I've ActivityPlus installed on my website. Why can't I update this plug-in?

I sent out a few other posts, but I'll just attach the screenshots showing that I have Pro and that it's on my site and such.