I created a support question in an old post. Thus


I created a support question in an old post. Thus I'm creating one here although I did also create a new ticket yesterday after realizing.

Thanks for your speedy response.

I have now managed to sync the master and sub sites. I dont think I can make a sub domain a master...?

But Ive managed to get around this.. However, do I need to mirror all the buddypress plugins on both sites for the sync to be fully configured?

I have an issue with the login. Should I only have login on one site or both?

Once logged in if I leave the page on the sub site to navigate back to the master site, I haver to press log in to re enter.. Would this be because I have registration set on both BP integrated sites? Should I only have this option set on the master site?

Hope this makes sense..

Thanks and regards

  • calvinrogercanas

    Hi @Jahzeel,

    Thanks for reaching us.

    First, I think subdomain is allowed to be a master site as you can see here: http://prntscr.com/6xx0fd

    You mean you want to sync users + the buddypress settings of the master site to the sub-site then if that is the you need a plugin that clone buddypress settings from one to another.

    Could you tell me what is the issue with your login? Also on the registration issue you just need one registration system to avoid conflict.

    Let me know if it helps! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Jahzeel

    Hi Calvin,

    Yes let me simplify this:

    1: I want 1 single Buddypress registration for the 'Master Site' and the 'Sub-Site' - this will obviously apply to login once configured, right?

    2: I also want to have all sitewide activity (Facebook type wall) to be shared by both sites.

    So do I simply need to use a plugin such as 'WP Multisite Replicator' to replicate the settings from the 'Master Site' to the 'Sub Site' to achieve these 2 objectives..?

    Best Regards


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Jahzeel,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for the question!

    So you want to share content between 2 single sites? By the sounds of what you're after I'm thinking this would be a lot easier using a multisite installation :slight_smile:

    It would share users by default, plus you can set it up so both sites mirror the same activity.

    Or you could set just the subsite as the main BP site and all the BP activity show there.

    Sending activity back and forth between 2 single sites would require a lot of pushing and pulling by the servers and take up quite a bit of resources.

    Look forward to hear back on this! Happy to help further if needed.

    All the best,

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