I currently use the PPV plugin on this page


I currently use the PPV plugin on this page http://www.armaghgaa.net/armaghtv/

I use it to wrap a Live Stream on a PPV basis. Most users click the button, go to paypal, pay the fee and return to the page however on return the page it doesn't unlock the content/video player and it takes them to refresh the page for it to unlock. Unfortunately this is not good and causes confusion. Most PC users will naturally refresh however ipad users are getting frustrated and charging back on paypal saying the website isn't working! Is there anyway for the plugin to work that it doesn't need a refresh of the page on return. I've it set to accept cookies and would prefer not to go down the route of making them register as it causes issues on the server having 1000+ register at the one time and puts needless strain on the database.

I look forward to hearing from you.