I didn't get a password emailed to me.

I just made a test purchase, and I was taken to a web page with my password shown in all its blazing glory. I was so proud.

So, then I tried to log in, but used the wrong username and lost the password. I tried to use the back button and refresh, but I could not get to the password screen.

Not to worry I thought, it will soon be emailed unto me.

But nay, it weren't.

Yea, I received three emails excitedly informing me that a new user and a new site had registered, but nary a nothing informing said me of ye olde password.

I hung my head and wondered who those three emails were for, me as the super admin, or me as the user. So I looked and could not tell. The messages were void of any informative content. If they were for me as the super admin, I certainly wasn't impressed as I was not made aware of the fact that I had possibly made $197 selling a level id=5 network subscription. Looking at the emails, I learned nothing.

Can these things be improved a bit to give us some information?

How? Where? And, so forth.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Kirk,

    Hope you're well?

    Pro-sites sign up does not send the password via email (that's by design and for security reasons).

    You can customize the email notifications by editing the pro-sites settings.

    Dashboard > pro sites > settings > email notifications.

    Though the admin email notification isn't customizable there.

    If you are using the same email address for your admin user as you have configured in the site admin email (Dashboard > settings > general) then it's hard to tell, but you can temporarily change the site-admin email & go through a test sign up, then note the email address it's sent to :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps

  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    Security shmecurity. Wordpress doesn't either.

    How secure does the world have to be? My default password is gobbledegook, so there world, so there.

    Actually that's not it, but it felt good to act like it.

    Have a happy National Widget Day!

    Actually, it's a happy Surf Starter Guy Day.

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