I didn't get a password emailed to me.

I just made a test purchase, and I was taken to a web page with my password shown in all its blazing glory. I was so proud.

So, then I tried to log in, but used the wrong username and lost the password. I tried to use the back button and refresh, but I could not get to the password screen.

Not to worry I thought, it will soon be emailed unto me.

But nay, it weren’t.

Yea, I received three emails excitedly informing me that a new user and a new site had registered, but nary a nothing informing said me of ye olde password.

I hung my head and wondered who those three emails were for, me as the super admin, or me as the user. So I looked and could not tell. The messages were void of any informative content. If they were for me as the super admin, I certainly wasn’t impressed as I was not made aware of the fact that I had possibly made $197 selling a level id=5 network subscription. Looking at the emails, I learned nothing.

Can these things be improved a bit to give us some information?

How? Where? And, so forth.