I didnt get it well how to protect content, I use

I didnt get it well how to protect content, I use shortcode, the visitor shortcode works normal but the the paid one shortcode didnt work i see only the shortcode in the content, the problem is when i make the access level and test to sign up account is not also hoing good finish when i full the field and completed the user i see that im standing the registration page not to direct welcome page, t seems to me the connection for registration user to subscribing paypal is not good i see it complicated. Please Help

  • Michelle Shull

    Hello, Abbas! Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Let's make sure this isn't a conflict with your theme, first. I'd like you to run a quick test, by switching to a default WordPress theme, like twenty fourteen or twenty fifteen.

    Check your Membership pages, and the page where you used the paid level shortcode. Are they displaying properly? If so, there's an issue with your current theme. We can sometimes help out with these issues, so if you discover this is the culprit, let us know the name of your theme, and provide a link to where you found it, if you still have it available.

    If the issue persists even when you're using a default theme, try disabling your other plugins except Membership, and test your pages one more time.

    Let us know what these tests reveal! Thanks for your question!

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