Pro Sites influences Salient's Nectar shortcode menu

I discovered that installing Pro Sites plugin influences Salient WP theme rendering Nectar short code menu in WP editor unusable (breaks it apart). Screenshots are attached (before and after plugin activation).

Please suggest what to do and/or implement it in a plugin update.

Thank you in advance for a prompt reaction/feedback,

Matija Raos

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @HDNP, my apologies for the delay here!

    I do see what you mean here, would it be possible to send in a copy of your theme, so I can cook up a fix for this?

    If so, then could you please send it in via our secure contact form, as follows:

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    – Link back to this thread

    – Include a zipped copy of the theme (you can upload it to Dropbox, and share the link to it there)

    – Include any relevant URLs for your site

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    Thanks! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,


  • Michael Bissett
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    Hey @HDNP, thanks for sending in your theme! :slight_smile:

    After doing some further investigation, I’m finding that the following code, inserted as a mu-plugin, is working to resolve the issue on my site:

    function remove_prosites_admin_styling_for_posts(){
    global $pagenow;
    $tag = 'admin_enqueue_scripts';
    $priority = 10;

    if ( $pagenow == 'post.php' || $pagenow == 'post-new.php' ) {
    if(is_array($GLOBALS['wp_filter'][ $tag ][ $priority ])){
    foreach($GLOBALS['wp_filter'][ $tag ][ $priority ] as $key => $hook){
    if( strpos($key, 'register_psts_style')){
    unset( $GLOBALS['wp_filter'][ $tag ][ $priority ][ $key ] );
    add_action('init', 'remove_prosites_admin_styling_for_posts', 100);

    Could you try this solution over on your site?

    To create an mu-plugin, go to your /wp-content/ folder via FTP, and find the folder called “mu-plugins”. If there is no folder with that name, then you’ll want to create one. Then, create a file inside that folder, and give the file any name you like (making sure the file as an extension of .php, e.g. example.php) and paste the code in there.

    You don’t need to activate that plugin, as it will be always be automatically activated. Please be sure to add a PHP start tag at the beginning of the code, like this:


    Kind Regards,


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