I do see a lot of nice plugins here and watched many movie


I do see a lot of nice plugins here and watched many movie introduction and the "how to use" sections. but for example, the support plugin, i am unable to display it in a page so not sure how my users will submit the tickets.
I do see the page I need in the "how to section", but implementation is not the same.

I have many other plugins with the same symptom (I am not able to reproduce what you guys tell us is possible)

If I can suggest, I would like to have my test environment with your own demonstration data. This is for many plugins and to help people to understand abit more how to use it. I am good technically and I am having difficulties, I can imagine how frustate this can be for a non tech person. I have used many templates that have "template demo data" they are pretty helpful, I would like to have the same for wpmudev plugins. so I could see your "demonstration" working from my lab. and reproduce in my QA / Prod environnment.

This would help everyone...
Otherwise, can I ask you to send me the demo data for some plugins ?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Bruno,

    Hope you're doing well today! Thanks for your question.

    Some of our plugins, such as Jobs and Experts have the option for demo data; however, as you have noticed many don't but we are more than happy to help you get them setup :slight_smile:

    I'll add demo data to the feature request list for our plugins. Thanks for bringing it up!

    In the meantime, are you looking for support system to be on the frontend?

    Support system is only backend in the current version so you can't place it in a page, but I have good news! Support System 2.0 is currently in beta: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/support-system-beta-20#post-797310

    and the main new feature of 2.0 is frontend compatibility :slight_smile: you just need to place a shortcode in the page you want to place it in.

    If you need any further assistance setting that up, just let me know, more than happy to help!

    Talk to you soon Bruno.


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