I do what the prompt tells me and that is to create a DNS

I do what the prompt tells me and that is to create a DNS record pointing to my networks IP. I have a couple questions regarding this process.

Do I create a NEW "A" record or replace the current "A" record pointing to my hosting account?

I also have autodiscover.domain.com, webdisk.domain.com, and autoconfig.domain.com pointing to another IP and they are all "A" records. Would I have to change the IP addresses on those as well?

  • Andre Foisy
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    Hello there @Michael,

    Welcome to the WPMU Dev community, and thank you for contacting our support team with your question.

    I hope you're having a great day! :slight_smile:

    You need to create only one wildcard A record - *.domaintomap.com - in your zone file, that is pointing to your dedicated IP address. So, it is okay that the other A records are pointing to another IP.

    If the wildcard A record already exist, there's no changes to do. When you have more A records such as webdisk.yourdomain.com those are often created automatically by your hosts' cpanel configuration, though they will not interfere and you can leave them as is.

    Now, it seems like you already have it set correctly, and the way to check this is to put your dedicated IP address in the browser's address bar and your site will show up, as it is the case right now.

    I hope that helps and do not hesitate to come back whenever you need help.

    Best regards,

  • Michael
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    Ok I think I made a mistake in my wording. I have the wildcard set up for my network already.

    I cannot map the domain over the current subdomain. What I want to do is this:

    I want xyz.domain.com to become otherdomain.com.

    I get this error in the red box and I have this domain for a year or so and it has been fully propagated. All of the "A" records are also pointing to my networks IP adress. (they are on the same hosting account.)

    What is it that I am doing wrong to map a domain?

  • Ash
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    Hello @Michael

    Let me simplify the procedure.

    For example, your main site is network.com
    You have two subsites:
    1. one.network.com
    2. two.network.com
    These two subsites you want to map with following domains repectively:
    1. one.com
    2. two.com

    So, if anyone enter one.com in the browser, it should show the site of one.network.com. Same for two.com

    So, there are two scenarios now. Either you own all the domains, or you don't. First I think you own all the domains.

    network.com site is hosted in a hosting whose nameservers are:

    So, you have entered these nameservers for network.com domain panel. You have to set same nameservers for one.com and two.com domains too.

    Then you will add one.com and two.com domains as add on domain in the same hosting of network.com, and make sure you point them to the network.com wordpress root folder. So that if any one enter one.com or two.com it shows network.com site.

    After that, you will add the domains in corresponding subsites using domain panel plugin, and the mapped domain will start working.

    Now, if you don't own the domains, then you will need a dedicated IP. I know you won't have access to the domain panel of your customers so that you can't set name servers in there. So, you will pass them you IP and they need to set a DNS record for their domain and point to that IP. Only then domain panel will work.

    So, you just need to set A records for otherdomain.com. And then if you go to otherdomain.com in your browser, your network site should be load. if it loads correctly, then you know the A record works.

    Then from the domain mapping setting, set the domain in the subsite.

    One more thing to note here, sometimes. due to some weird server configuration, it can still show that DNS is not valid. In that case, from Network Settings > Domain Mapping disable DNS verification.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


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