I don´t get any tags in my Global Site Tags widget or on the page "tags".

I have installed the Post Indexer and after that posted a post on my page that I did put some tags on. I tried to post some stuff in both the base blog and also a sub blog.

On my page, you can see the ordinary wordpress tag cloud that contains all tags posted in the standard blog in my Multi Site install, so the tags are there.


The page is in Swedish so you will probably not understand all text, but I translated the tag cloud widgets back to english so you could find them easier. :slight_smile:

My guess is that the error is coming from that I run swedish language. Can it be some mismatch since when I go to the page "Tags" it translates the header automatically to the swedish word for tags "Etiketter".

If possible I would want to be able to use the swedish word "Etiketter" also in the URL instead of "Tags" since that is better for SEO in my language. It will also look better since the rest of the page is in swedish.

Can you give me any suggestions?