I don't know this question is right with this Community .


I don't know this question is right with this Community .

i'm not programmer , coder , i'm only know how to use , read guide ,and ask something with wordpres plugin, wordpress theme supplier to create some wordpress site and business with that .
With that method, I have some wordpress site created and implement business .
Fortunately, some that websites develop good, and there r some customers ask me about help them create website .
With that customers demand , i want to hire more some freelancers in my country and they will help me create website for my customers .

At the current, i purchased and have a lot of primium wordpress theme, a lot of primium plugin theme , wpmudev is one of them .

with that resources, i can give it to hired freelacer and they will help me custome theme , install plugin , modify something follow demand of customers . there r some new hired freelancer , i can have more and more customers and make the little profit .

But , the question is , when i hire freelancers , i must give them all my resources ( primium theme, plugin which i must pay money to have ), in order that my freelancer can work their job . But after short peroids , that freelancers don't continue to coporate with me , they walk away , they will have all my resources . it is not good for me .

How can i manage that problem ? R there anyone here have experience about that ? Can you give me some advice ? I need to have model of work organization when hire freelancer work for me .

Please guide me . thanks .