I don't want to receive emails for courses form subsites.

I have a Multisite installation with a lot of premade content using New Blog Template. I've created a course on a site to use as my course template archive.
When I import the course into another site, it starts out with me automatically being the instructor. I add the site instructor and then delete myself. What I am finding is that when the discussion notifications go out to the instructor, I am also getting a notification. This does not happen on the enrollment notification. I surely do not want to be notified everytime a comment is made on the network. How can I stop the duplicate comment notifications? Is there a setting that I missed?
Remember I want the Instructor who is also listed as site admin to get the notifications. I just don't want me, the super-admin/original course creator who is not at instructor or admin on the subsite to be getting a duplicate notification of the message.