I filed a long question about this plugin 2 days ago,

I filed a long question about this plugin 2 days ago, and not a squeak out of you guys. I do not really want to repeat myself. How about checking your database and getting back to me?

  • Patrick
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    Hi there @gurugordon

    I hope you are well today!

    A staff member does reply to every single support topic, usually within the hour.

    I just took a look at your forum profile and there is unfortunately nothing more recent there than 6 months ago:

    Did you post on this site, or from your WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin?

    Also, which plugin are you referring to in your post above?

  • Gordon
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    Hi Patrick

    Sorry, it was about Marketplace eCommerce - I thought I had put that in the header. It was a link for product information on your Website that I used. I have a client interested, but they have rather specific requirements. It is for party booking, needs to know when there are vacancies and how many and also needs to be able to generate some kind of a calendar showing future availability. Also, should either accept a fixed deposit per booth or take payment in full including a number of booking options.

    I was hoping that this would give me something out of the box that could be easily configured. There is no time and budget for custom scripts.

    I think that summarizes what I requested Saturday.


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey


    It sounds like a combination of Appointments+ and MarketPress could do the trick.

    Appointments+ has all the calendar features you need for available time-slots according to the service & service provider selected by the client. It can be set to require full payment in advance, or deposits.

    When MarketPress is active, a setting is available in Appointments+ to integrate the 2 plugins.

    Once checked, that creates a product page in MarketPress so that users can book many appointments at the same time by adding them to a shopping cart as products.

    They can also add other "normal" products to their cart, and check out for everything at the same time.

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