, I found one

HI ,
I found one critical issue in this plugin . let me explain.

Let's say we have two memberships with Trial Subscription for 10 day
membership A and membership B.
now user choose a membership A on 10th may with a Trail Period.
so his Trial Subscription will expire on date after 10 days it means 20th may.
and now after the 2 days user updates his membership A to Membership B on 12th may so now user Trial Subscription expire date is showing 22th may and it's wrong actually it should be still 20th May. So, when user update his membership the Trial Subscription expire date is get incresed. I'm not sure if this is intentional or this is bug.


  • Ash

    Hello Jing

    I think this is intended. When a member is joined in a membership, he should get the trial period defined specifically for that membership. But if you come back to membership A again, then you should not get 10 days again as you already spent 2 days trial.

    But I understand what you mean here and that does make sense. You want to have a cumulative trial period. I have sent a note to the developer Paul Kevin for his insight on this. We appreciate your patience.

    Have a nice day!


  • Paul Kevin

    Hey there Jing ,

    Hope you are well today. Currently membership takes the signup day as the start day and doesn't check the status of the previous membership.
    It makes sense for a trial period to be carried on to the next if the end date is not reached, though this would work better as a setting in the membership.
    I can look at adding this in other versions and thank you for your patience on this and pointing this out.

    Warm Regards
    Paul Kevin

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