I get 500 internal server error when trying to log in using a specific user

I have a installation of wordpress with coursepress pro to test a platform for online courses. I created several accounts for students and they work but sometimes an account goes wrong and I get 500 internal server error when trying to log in with that user. If I delete the user and create it again it works again properly but I lose the records for the course.
How can I solve the problem without deleting the account which fails and without losing the records?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Gumer!

    How often are you seeing this issue, where one of the students on your site gets an Internal Server Error? Is it frequent? Are there any other issues occurring at the same time, or is there a pattern to it? Your student accounts definitely shouldn't be going bad, I'd like to try to find the root issue if we can.

    Rather than deleting your students, I'd like you to try something different next time this issue pops up. Rather than deleting the student, try installing a fresh copy of CoursePress. You won't lose any data, that's all stored in your database. Deactivate and remove the current version of the CoursePress plugin, then download a fresh copy and install/activate it. See if this stops your student accounts from breaking.

    Keep us posted if the issue persists!

  • Gumer Freire

    Hi, thanks for the reply!

    I tried a few times creating an user, and it works for a while when I test a course, navigating through the pages and doing the tests and exercises. After that, if I try to log in again I get the 500 error (the browser waits for the server for a minute or so and then I get the error). At the beginning I thought it was because I was changing the structure of the course and at the same time I was testing with a student user but it happens also if I don't modify anything in the course pages.
    I reinstalled Coursepress Pro and it didn't solve the issue...
    By the way, a would like to ask you... I have created a course, with instructors and students and it's working but in the Coursepress main menu, in the sections "instructor" and "students" I can't see any users, is it normal? (there are users in the section "students" inside the course)

    (sorry if I am not using the exact words, I am using a spanish translation of the plugin)

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Gumer!

    Thanks for testing this out!

    We released three updates in a row for CoursePress the day before yesterday, can you try updating to the latest version and giving it one more try? There were a number of fixes included, there's a good chance updating and then saving your permalinks should fix this.

    To save Permalinks, go to Settings > Permalinks, and hit save with the current settings intact.

    Hopefully this will get it solved!

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