I get a fatal error message when I activate appointments.php

Hi, I get a fatal error message which says, "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class URI_Template_Parser in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpmu-dev-plusone/lib/external/google/external/URITemplateParser.php on line 30" when I activate the plugin Appointments +.

Then I must go to my files and delete the plugin to get my wpmu site to work. I have all the other plugins, themes, and WP updates current.

Can you help me to get this to work?

Thank you.

  • Patrick

    Hi @DavidSchutt

    Welcome to the forums!

    Ouch, that's no good. :slight_frown:

    It actually looks to me like an unforeseen possible conflict with the Google Plus plugin. Could you please verify your API settings and/or try temporarily deactivating Google Plus?

    Also, I'm seeing several related js errors when viewing your site. This may be related to the 1st note seen at the top of the plugin homepage: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/google-1/

    Installing the Google +1 button will tell Google to crawl your site. If your site is behind a pay wall or restricted to the public you should not install it.

    If you still cannot get this working, go for basic troubleshooting protocol as follows:

    Revert to the default Twenty-Eleven theme and deactivate all other plugins. Is the problem still there? If yes, then something may be wonky in the plugin install :slight_smile:

    If the issue is no longer present, reactivate your theme. Does the issue re-appear? If yes, likely theme conflict.

    If the issue still does not re-appear, re-activate plugins one by one until it does and you find the conflicting plugin.

    Once we've zeroed in on whatever may be the cause of your issue, we'll be better equipped to deal with it.

  • David

    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for your considerate response.

    I do not know how to "verify" my API settings. So, I did the next thing. I deactivated the Google Plus plugin. Then I re-installed Appointments+ and then network activated the plugin.

    It all seems to work.

    I received no "Fatal Error" messages at all.

    I also realize you saw some javascripts errors when viewing my site. I tried every
    link in the main menu, but I didn't see anything. Of course, this may only mean I have no idea what to look for! Is this something else about which I need to acquire an education?

    I'm only testing things out right now, trying to see how everything works. I'm trying to avoid having the site break after I begin promoting it.

    Have Fun,

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