I got confused about use of Google Analytics plugin

I hope you having a good day.
I got confused about use of Google Analytics + in multisite environment.
I want to take Goolge Analytics plugin as premium plugins for prosites, so I activated it in my main site. And, went to network setting area, and put required information, then I correctly activated the plugin.
However, I got confused here, because I don't know how should I use the settings in my main site.

So my question is?????
Should I put the same information in main site too? Or shouldn't?
In case of subdirectory environment, should my user register their account using "site.com/usersite" or sitecom/?
Do my prosites members have to do their settings to use Google Analytics?

I wasn't sure about these from your guide. So please help me!

King Regards

I put the required information in network Admin dashboard,

  • Luís


    I hope had been good today!

    In Multisite use, statistics are available both on a per-site and network basis

    If you have the plugin network enabled, you can insert a Network-wide Tracking Code to track all the traffic and in each subsite dashboard admin users will see the reports of their subsite.

    Also, you can have the plugin network disabled and allow each subsite admin to enable the plugin in your subsite and add your own Tracking code.

    If you add the tracking code in your network admin panel, you should be able to see the statistics in your main website dashboard (Usually it takes time for analytics to start displaying in the admin in statistics).

    Do my prosites members have to do their settings to use Google Analytics?

    Not necessarily. If they add thei own tracking code, we can get more information about the statistics in the Google Analytics + website.

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís


    Hey Luis!
    Thank you for your support.
    To sum up, there are two means to use this plugin for Pro Site member.
    1: Network activate the plugin by putting initial information and utilize the menu"Minimum Pro Site Level ......" and "Minimum Pro Site level for ......" to control who can use the function based Pro Site level. In this case, Pro Site member doesn't need to do any kind of settings for this plugin. I can get the date of both network-wide date and each sub site's date. They don't need to set up for this plugin, so it is easy to use, but they can't look the date in Google Analytics dashboard in Google. This is because they don't register for google Analytics. This is only drawback to use this step.

    2: Activate this plugin by site basis, and allowing each admin can use Google Analytics by using their each tracking code. This is more complicated and hard task to use, because many people don't know about Google Analytics. So it is hard to register for Google account,and get a relative information.
    However, they can look the date in both WordPress dashboard and Google Analytics account.
    Also, in the pattern of site basis, they need to register their site domain to use. In the case of me, they have to register their site address like site.com/usersite1, site.com/usersite2, because I activated subdirectory environment.

    Is this correct? If you can give me more information. It is much more than better.
    King Regards

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