I got the issue. I have done the setting. It works fine


I got the issue. I have done the setting. It works fine and I can directly access to the clientarea page with every link. http://www.hostmyth.net/support-center/portal/ But I got a error when I directly access to the other link such as http://www.hostmyth.net/support-center/portal/announcements.php/
I got the error"Sorry this doesn't look like a WHMCS site at [http://clients.hostmyth.net/] Make sure your WHMCS Integration settings are pointing to the correct URL and that the WHMCS site is set for the Portal template in Setup | General." It seems I have to access the
client area,firstly or I can access other sub link, directly. How to fix it?

First click http://www.hostmyth.net/support-center/portal/
And then click http://www.hostmyth.net/support-center/portal/announcements.php/
It is normal!
Now, close the browser. First click http://www.hostmyth.net/support-center/portal/announcements.php/
Got a error.
And then click http://www.hostmyth.net/support-center/portal/
got back click the http://www.hostmyth.net/support-center/portal/announcements.php/
It is fine again.