I have 2 problems with events + 1. I would like to let

I have problems with events +

1. I would like to let people with Email address without going to whole wordpress user sign up process. I assume RSVP with email add on is a solution, but I have no idea how it works.(no document about this) I don’t want to people to make a wordpress account(it is a kind of hassle process. and my site is closed for invitation only to create a new account.

Tell me how to achieve that people sign up events without signing up wordpress account.

2. How can I delete or disable next and previous event link button on the bottom of individual pages.

3. I would like to customize the even editing page. Please tell me step by step how to customize the page including

1. customize without breaking the code on plug in update.

2. When I add image/video from “Add Media” button on the event+ editing page. uploads fails with an error(regular uploads from dashboard > Media > Add new works just fine with the exactly same file.

3 on start date and end date. How can I change the order to month-day-year. in stead of putting 24 hour format, can I do am/pm dropdown?

4. I would like to change the edit page like the screen capture.