I have 2,000+ members and want to give them all their own websites with their own URLs

Just started your monthly full-on support! Woot!

Right now I have multisite up and running, but I’m only using *one* site, my site.

I don’t have to use multisite, I’m just looking for the fastest and easiest way to get this up and running. I’m just as happy to setup a second wp install on a second domain if that will make this easier.

I currently have a merchant custom-integrated to do the monthly payments. I think integrating my current payment system to turn on/off websites may take a little time. All of my current users are in the wp_users, my payment integration uses separate tables to track if they are “active”, etc. I’m a developer and can do the integration myself.

Right now I think these are the steps I’ll need to take to do this full integration:

1. I’m going to start off setting up your recommended plugins on either my existing multisite or a second site if you tell me that’s best.

2. I’m going to give all my existing clients a coupon to get their own blog going *for free*. I’m not overly concerned with them passing out the coupon to others and ending up with some “freeloaders” – I’ll end up converting them to paying customers in the near future.

3. I’ll use one of my support staff to manage turning accounts on/off in the wpmu setup when my customers pay/cancel/etc.

4. If you guys can provide a straight-forward api call to turn on/off accounts / create new ones / etc, I’ll use those api calls when they pay and/or cancel.

5. I’d like to also offer to people that aren’t currently members of my current website to directly sign up and pay on the wpmu site, preferably through my paypal or my authorize.net, those accounts wouldn’t be managed via api or have any integration with my current membership website. This can be active from the start, but it’s just not going to be my immediate focus.

Does this sound reasonable using your wpmu plugins?

Do you recommend me setting up a second site / wp install, or will it be just as good using the current multisite install?

I *think* I want to go with your Pro Sites, but you have *sooooo many* plugins ;-D it’s hard to tell for sure if that’s the right route.

In addition to “should I start with a fresh install or use the existing multisite?”, can you tell me which plugins you recommend to setup the account/site management, payments, etc as a good starting point for me?

Thanks!!! I greatly appreciate your help!