I have 4 questions as follows: 1 - Shopping cart: I have

I have 5 questions as follows:
1 - Shopping cart:
I have set up the store setting about the quantity order with no limited, however 20 % items in the store are limited no more than 1 item per order.

2 - shipping option:
I have set up 3 different options of shipping with calculating rate. Therefore, regardless the shipping option chosen, they all shows FREE SHIPPING except option Pick up....

3 - Item:
There is any way that I can create a page to itemize with details, description, review for each item ?

4 - Google maps:
How can I fix the location map,while the Google map couldn't detect the correct address of my location that I entered in the map.

5 - Store option:
Can I change the shortcode for store category, I meant under store page if I want to name All Products instead of Products.

Many thanks for your help
Best regards

  • be

    Hi there, just going through one at a time

    1 - Can you just check - these are likely "digital" items which were restricted to 1 only originally but can now be altered.
    Store Settings > General > Limit Downloads..

    2 - Can you advise shipping options - is your store setup for which Country..
    3 - Each product has its own page that allows you to input as much information as is relevant.. There is not a "review" feature as such as yet.. (but we can come back to this)
    4 - Google Maps is this relating to a store or product or a separate question relating to the Google Map plugin..?
    5 - Not quite sure what you refer to here, but shortcodes are located Store settings > Shortcodes.

    Let us know if that is not clear ..

  • mai

    Hi All,

    Be : Thank you for your answers.
    To be more specific:
    1 - I will re double check with Digital items I but still doesn't make sense to me, hence only few items are limited
    2 - Shipping option : I set up for all countries, however inside calculation price Fedex/UPS/USPS provide international shipping price calculation as well
    3 - Product page / review:
    I will be very interested if you do have product review or rating and I would like to insert for each item.
    Related to the page per item, i am looking for something more details while you click on the product, it will bring you to the individual product item with description.
    I believe that the product page that you refer too. It will appear on the front page of the store or products but it is incompleted for description..
    4 - Google map plugin:
    I did try with Google map plugin but the map give wrong location by using the dropper, for instance I did enter my correct address at Beverly Hills - CA. The map show either Passedena - Long beach - National park etc,,,,
    5 - Store setting:
    I would like to modify the wording of the navigation such as Products into "All Products".

    Thank you very much for your support.

  • be

    1 - Yes its confusing but it should only relate to downloads so Products where you have a link provided in the product field so when they purchase it allows them to download what they purchased straight away..

    2 - will have to go over - maybe ari will need to get access and see what the setup issue is.. *Could you please start a new thread for this one as it will help to keep things organised and this could be a little more complex than a single answer.

    3 - Reviews as above maybe you could try the comment option that Ari has linked to, not sure if that's what are looking for..
    - The products displayed on the home page give a short description in a grid or however you set it out..
    However when someone clicks on one of those products it should take them to the product page which will have as much information as you provide, this can be very detailed..

    4 - * If you could please start a new thread for Google Maps as it makes it easier for folks to handle and see.. (yes I understand what you are saying as I have had the same issue with incorrect location being sourced.)

    5 - Do you refer to "breadcrumb" ? so when you go to the product the link..
    Site.com/store/product/productname ?
    If so you can change that
    Products>Store Settings >Presentation > Store URL slugs

    Note if you have products already listed you will likely need to resave permalinks so all works as it should..

  • mai

    Hi Be and Ari,

    I still have big issues with Quantity, I did try to re start everything however some items can be ordered as much as quantity they want, some item does not have the quantity option...

    Shipping option: It comes up all the time FREE SHIPPING except for option Pick Up at store.

    As Be suggested that Ari can have access into my back end website. I agree on this, please let me know and I will give you an access.

    Please help asap .

  • mai

    Hi Ari
    Hope you feel better.
    I don't know if you have a chance to go the back end of my site yet, but apparently things change.

    Now, I have half of my products ONLINE STORE can be order with unlimited quantity and half is limited to 1 only.

    The shipping option is completely wipe off, only shipping information is required then no cost no option for shipping, therefore I have set up 3 choices such FEDEX - UPS - USPS....

    Best regards

  • aristath

    We answer to posts in a reverse chronological order, so if a post hasn't had a reply for 1 day for example it at the top of our list, while a post that has just been replied to is at the bottom of our queue of posts.
    This way we try to answer to your posts as timely as possible.
    You might have thought that replying to your thread draws our attention to it, but in fact it does the exact opposite: New replies keep moving a thread to the bottom of our queue, so I just got to it.
    I know, it's not an ideal system and we are continuously working on ways to improve it. Hopefully we'll be able to fix this issue on our forums soon and avoid issues like this in the future. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

    Your access is valid, but unfortunaly something is blocking me and I can't access your site (perhaps a security plugin? )
    Could you please instead send me your superadmin credentials instead?
    To do that, simply send us an email using our secure contact form on https://premium.wpmudev.org/contact/
    * Select "I have a different question" from the dropdown
    * On the subject enter "attn: aristath".
    * On the body of your message include a link to this post, a link to your website and your superadmin username/password.


  • aristath

    Hello again @mai,

    Thank you for senging me the info I requested above.

    I logged-in your site today and took a look at your configuration and options.
    I noticed something really weird...
    On your products you've entered a URL on the "Product Download URL" field (see attached screenshot).
    Why did you do that? Your products are physical prpducts (pottery), not digital products!
    By entering a URL on the field there, you're basically telling MarketPress that these are digital, downloadable products.
    As such, no shipping costs are calculated because digital products don't require shipping... they are downloadable!

    Have you tried removing that field and see what happens? I have a feeling all your issues are related to that simple thing...


  • aristath

    I simply examined all your settings, I did not change anything on your site. :slight_smile:
    So you will have to remove these URLs on your own.

    There has also been a bugfix released for MarketPress so I would advise you to update to the latest plugin version as well. (You might want to update everything on your site... It's always good practice to keep your plugins and themes updated).


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