I have a bad score 31/and 100 and I am stuck

I have a bas score and I am not sure if I can improve it again. I would like to have someone who can help me on this process
Thank you

  • Alex Cuadra
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Laetitia,
    I hope you doing well today.

    I have done a test with PageSpeed and got a 2 form mobile and a 32 for desktop. In this case, I have some recommendations:
    1. If you have already installed Smush Pro. You should enable Lazy Load and CDN options in order to help to enhance the score of your site.
    2. with Hummingbird is important to take present the Page caching, Gzip Compression and Assets Optimization, the last one should be set with care. You can minify all JS and CSS files but if they already minified you shouldn't touch it. Another good feature here is that you can to move JS files to the footer it will help you for non-blocking of important files that your site needs load.

    You need a CDN like Cloudflare too, Hummingbird allows you to integrate a CDN from Cloudflare.

    You can check these articles, I'm sure will help you:


    If you want, we could take a further look into your site. Just grant us temporary access to your site. No need to share any WP admin credentials, just navigate in WP admin area under WPMU DEV -> Support -> Support Access page and click on the "grant support access" button. You can find detailed information about it here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/getting-started/getting-support/#chapter-5
    Please do reply back here when access is granted because we don't get any notifications about it.

    Best Regards

    Alex Cuadra

  • Kris
    • Support

    Hi laetitia

    Thank you for support access. I see Smush and Hummigbird settings are ok on your site.
    However you have many files to load (JS & CSS) and you do not use full power of Asset Optimization in Hummigbird.

    In "Asset Optimization" you can switch to advanced mode:

    Each file which exist in Asset Optimization list can be:
    - compress
    - combine
    - move to footer
    - inline.

    I recommend those steps:

    1. click only one icon for each file, click Publish Settings at the bottom, clear cache (if is active in Hummingbird - Cache), refresh home page and see does site works correct (font colors, backgrounds, sliders, forms etc. - because you modify not only css files but also JS).

    2. if site works ok, repeat for another icon in this file.

    3. repeat step 1-2 for rest of files until all files will have most of icons as blue.

    Note: some plugins/theme files cannot be compress/combine etc., because the site can start working incorrectly. Plugin or theme author could build code in a way that this specific file cannot be compress etc.

    So this is a lot of work but worth to speed up the site.

    And here is our full guide for Hummingbird:

    Kind Regards,

  • Kris
    • Support

    Hi laetitia

    In Hummingbird -> Asset Optimization -> Settings you will find a Reset button which will reverse your steps.

    Please note if something is broke in your site after you compress some file or move to footer you cam simply reverse last step by clicking again on same icon so it goes gray, then save and refresh site.

    As I recommend above try to work on each file separate and save. Thaks to that you will be able to track which file can be or not compress, combine etc.

    Kind Regards,

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