I have a bit of a problem with the WPMU Dashboard.

I have a bit of a problem with the WPMU Dashboard.

I finally decided to install the Dashboard so I could figure out how best to manage the plugins, and I was quite surprised to see that the Dashboard had all of my personal information for my WPMU profile.

This is unacceptable to me, because I’m not the only admin on many of the sites I wanted to use these plugins on, and those people don’t need to be able to see the WPMU Dashboard, nor any of my profile information, or the API key, or any of that.

So I’ve disabled the Dashboard until I get some confirmation or assurances that other admin level users cannot see the WPMU Dashboard or any of my personal information that’s associated with it.

If not, I guess I’ll go back to manually disabling the nag that appears in all the plugins, which becomes tedious since I’m managing 20+ sites that may start using these plugins, possibly more.

Are there any plans to create a more sensible way to handle the connection between WPMU installed plugins and home base, or am I missing something about how this works? I’d rather enter my API key once per website, or even once per plugin on each website than have to worry about who’s looking at information they have no need to have access to.

Neither Studio Press nor Gravity Forms exposes user information in this manner, and with the quality of plugins WPMU has, I would have expected something along similar lines.

Please don’t disappoint me? :slight_smile: