I have a BuddyPress (BP) theme (BP Fun) and Membership (M)

I have a BuddyPress (BP) theme (BP Fun) and Membership (M) installed.

My testers are trying to sign up but the Activation email is NOT working.

Here is the email someone registering is getting:

From: profetb3@host383.hostmonster.com
Date: 6 January 2014 10:22:51 am AEDT
To: [one of my testers]
Subject: [Public Affairs Jobs] Activate Your Account
Thanks for registering! To complete the activation of your account please click the following link:


When you go to this page - there is NO way to ACTIVATE. There is NO LINK - it is just a page titled Activate. Nothing else.

As I have noted before - both BP and Membership have pages called Register, Activate and another one I can't remember.

They both use the SAME PAGE and this may be causing conflicts.
Conflicting advice from WPMU Dev advisers is
(a) that Membership takes over and to deactivate BP (that sends you an error message and requires you to repair BP.
(b) BP takes over - then you have the issue of Membership automatically creating the same pages with the same URL and you still end up with a conflict.
(Just reiterating for new readers as this is covered in many other threads about BP and M not working together.)

What is going on with activation? Why is it not working?
Please advise how to fix asap.

Thank you.

  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi Karen,

    I hope you are well today.

    Please try using membership beta plugin version from the following thread.


    Also check whether the answers provided on the following threads help you to resolve your issue or not.


    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • Karen


    Nice to hear from you again.

    Firstly, I have been told (ad nauseum) not to take notice of old posts so https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/membership-plugin-wont-allow-access-to-activation-page... is over 1 year old. (just so you know)

    It doesn't answer the issue I have unfortunately.

    The second link goes to Patrick and says:

    BuddyPress and Membership play very nicely together as long as two thingare respected.

    1. You must use the Membership registration process. Don't worry, it will be active by default when Membership protection is enabled.
    2. The Membership registration page must be a different page than BuddyPress registration, which can even be set to "None".

    Membership will use the BuddyPress registration form, but via its own internal process, thereby ensuring that your extended profile fields are properly displayed, and that subscriptions are properly registered.

    Finally, yes, you can redirect to your Subscriptions page upon registration. And no, there should be no activation email (at least, there is none on my test sites).

    Apart from this being 5 months old (see note above re age of posts):

    1. Buddypress registration page CANNOT be set to None without there being a "Please repair" message to repair BuddyPress. If you set the Activation page to "None" you get the same "Repair" message for BP.
    2. There is no Membership Registration page - what you get is a Subscription page with a list of Memberships and AFTER you click on one to sign up, you get a Create and Account page. (ie it is buried and not as obvious as a BuddyPress registration page.
    3. There are TWO Activation pages - both use /activate - so that is another conflict (as well as the register pages being the same). Both are showing on my site and they both have NO CONTENT.
    4. If people sign up via the BuddyPress register page - they get a success notice but in the Activation email they are sent (contrary to what Patrick says in the above quote there IS one from the BuddyPress page - but the activation link DOES NOT WORK.)

    The (messy) process via the Subscriptions page (where you have to sign up for a membership first to get to create an account (not intuitive as a process) - lets you sign up,


    This is for a multi user BP site which we don't have.

    I have provided access to WPMU if someone can check it out (and record what they do if anything in case it needs to be undone).


    Sadly I am not getting the answers I need.

    These days you cannot NOT have a BP and Membership Register page (BP asks you to repair it if you take it out. Membership's register page is a hidden/created-on-the-fly page that has a shortcode in it. You are stuck with both apparently but as I understand it you should be using the Membership pages (then why does BP ask you to "repair" it when you set pages to None???)

  • Karen


    Also regarding your comment:


    I have not done that as the posts that followed a suggestion to that person resulted in them saying it introduced a lot more issues and I have enough on my plate. I don't want to test. I want answers. I want the two plugins to work seamlesly as your marketing gloats. simply pit i want both to work together. If that is a beta test when is the real thing coming out? It was also to fix something wrong with authorise.net which I am not using.

    I would like someone (who knows how the plugin works in detail) to provide current advice on why BP and M won't work together or what you have to do to make it so. Pretty simple question but I am not getting answers that work.

    I turned off free membership (that provided BuddyPress access) and left two subscriptions active so someone could test the signup tonight. They are now listed in as a member in membership /all members list BUT they don't appear in the BuddyPress members list online. Aaa argh!

    Whether I give access to BuddyPress as an access level in membership or deactivate the membership level that allows BP access, I still can't get the members listed on BuddyPress but randomly, some people are getting thru.

    Can someone log in to my site and look at it. I have given access via the WPMU dashboard. Thanks.

  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear you found the information on the other threads unhelpful.

    Firstly, I have been told (ad nauseum) not to take notice of old posts

    It's not that old posts are unhelpful.

    This will certainly take a bit of trial and error to try to figure it out.

    Therefore in an effort of expediency I will see if I can get the lead developer in here with his invaluable insight into this plugin for his advise for us.

    I have flagged the developer and he will reply on this thread.

    Vinod Dalvi

  • Karen



    I have also just found some old videos where someone was trying to help new users by creating another set of videos...that should tell WPMU dev how difficult this plug in is to use.

    What would be good would be to see some sample setups, step by step with ALL the settings shown and explained. Picking up snippets by reading a gazillion posts is NOT the way to get educated.

    In the videos I found this gem: "by default, membership will not approve a registration until payment is approved." Is that still true? Is that why my testers are having trouble even though there is a free level? (Deactivated for some testing tonight.) are they supposed to pay before membership will register them. Crazy and odd approach in my view.

    It also talked about having to create a visitor subscription plan to match the visitor level (and it appears to compensate for somethingbthemplug in should do but doesn't!).

    Honestly this plugin and its issues with buddypressmare doing my head in. No one seems to have any definitive idea how it works or can explain it simply and give examples. I am flummoxed as to why it it all so hard to do!

  • Karen


    A simple question for the developer:

    1. How would they set up BuddyPress and membership so that people can register ONCE and get into BuddyPress area, then (later) be able to select any memberships they want after getting used to BuddyPress?

    ...or can't it work this way?

    More questions I have been asking for a while and not got definitive answers to:

    2. Does BuddyPress have to be an access level for it to work with membership or not? -I have had conflicting advice on this one.

    3. Do BuddyPress Register and Activate pages need to be turned OFF for membership to work (as membership creates pages with EXACTLY THE SAME NAMES) and if so WHY does it give you an error message saying BuddyPress needs to be repaired? Do you ignore the messages? If so why are they there!

    4.as both BuddyPress and membership have register pages, if they are named different things do they still fight with each other (appears so to me)? Can they work separately.

    Suggestion: how about within the membership plugin there is a BuddyPress add-on that clears up this messy operation so people like me don't have to end up earning an IT degree to understand it?

    Thank you if someone who actually knows and had experience with the two plugins working together can answer.

    It should NOT be this hard to use.


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