I have a client


I have a client site which does not update anymore. I.e. When any content on the site is edited and saved (using divi theme) and site is updated, the changes do not show on the front-end site but are still present in the back-end. Can you advise?

Site in question: http://livgardensmusikkorps.dk/

I have activated support access to our network in case you need that.

  • Andi

    Hi Septl

    Sounds like a caching problem.
    Deactivate all caching and clear the caching
    If you are using cloudflare clear the caches there too and enable developer mode for a moment (switches back after 3 hours)
    Check also the caches you run on your server. i.e. the PHP caches - memcached, apcu. etc. clear them.

    If this still not helps you would need to give more insight into the server configuration , What Server, What Apache Version and what other caching plugins are installed.

    Check also since when the site does no more display and if there is a message in the error logs, often this helps already to find the culprit. i.e. could be a conflicting plugin which got installed just before that happened.

    Kind regards