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I have a client that has her schedule change weeklly, so hours change every week. To try and get around that, I created "Dummy" accounts: Week1 to Week 5 so we could change her hours every week

I need a way to show availability of ALL service providers at once. Since I made a "Dummy" user for each week, I don't want the user to see this.

I just want ALL their availability showing for that one service, people would get confused if they have to select a dropdown for service provider as it is here

  • Luís
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    Hi Tim Brennan ,

    Hope you're doing well since our live chat.

    As we discussed, the Monthly Calendar shortcode, should do that by default:


    However, some of the time slots are not available, when they should.

    The Monthly Calendar shortcode, without any other argument, will show the Working hours set for the "No specific provider", and some of the service providers have working hours set to beyond them.

    This is the Working hours set for "No specific provider" (take a look on the red squares):

    And this is the Working hours set for "Week1":

    As you can see "No specific provider" Working Hours on Wednesdays ends at 5pm, when "Week1" works from 5pm to 8pm. As this is after the working hours of "No specific provider", it will not be displayed.

    Based on all providers working hours, to fix the issue, please try the following:

    1) Go to Appointments -> Settings -> Working hours and make sure you have "No specific provider" on the List for field;

    2) Change the end hour to match with the other providers end hours:

    Sunday - > 6pm ( to match with "week2" provider)
    Wednesday -> 8pm ( to match with "week1" provider)
    Tuesday -> 8pm ( to match with "week4" provider)

    It should look like:

    After this change, the Monthly Calendar should display the availability for the all providers.

    Cheers, Luís

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