I have a client that has a very specific type of membership site needed

I have a client that has a very specific style of setting up a membership site, and I want to understand if the 'Memberships Pro' plugin will create functionality.

Essentially, we are going to be building a private (aka, membership-based) website for my brother's investment company. Only qualified investors will be given access and/or login credentials. There will be no charge for membership, so all registrants will have free access.

The majority of the membership website will be available to all registrants. But, we want a page (or section) dedicated to each individual investment opportunity, and ONLY those that are a part of that deal will have access to it.
There may be people that will have access to more than one investment... so I'm not sure "levels" of investment make sense, as each individual's "membership level" will look different, depending on which deals they are a part of and will require access to.

Do you have a plugin that will faciliate that type of membership website? Is it the 'Membership Pro' plugin, or the 'Protected Content' plugin?

Please advise.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, millcitymotion!

    I believe either of our plugins will help you here, but I need just a couple of details from you to help refine the best path to send you on.

    1. Will you be adding members to the investment opportunity sections/pages, or will they have to opportunity to pick which ones they want to join? So, for example, say you have three opportunities, eggs, cheese, and milk. Will all users see that they can join eggs, cheese and milk, or will those sections be invisible unless you let them in?

    If it's the first one, your best bet here may actually be BuddyPress, because you can create a user group for each opportunity. That will give you the option to have pages and even forums devoted to that opportunity, and members will be able to join whichever groups they're interested in. You can protect your entire groups system from visitors and users with no membership level.

    If it's the second, it can still work, but it will take just a little bit of tweaking. Protected Content will allow users to have multiple memberships, so you could set up a simple membership for each of your investment opportunities individually. This way, if you're charging users per investment opportunity you reveal to them, a user would need to buy all your memberships in order to see all your content.

    Hope this helps, millcitymotion!

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