I have a couple of newbie questions for events+ 1 - I want


I have a couple of newbie questions for events+

1 - I want any of the registered users to be able to add events so should I just grant subscriber user level thel rights to add and edit events etc or should I use a different group for this and if so, should I use another membership plugin to control this?

2 - For some reason my events page doesn't look like yours here (https://premium.wpmudev.org/wp-content/projects/249/screenshots/759942276_events-list-735x470.jpg) - It is missing the calendar and upcoming events links and has the word archive at the top of it - http://www.fandomica.com/events/ _- What options do I need to select so my page is the same as that sample one?

3 - I have created an add events page which looks ok to someone who is logged in and has rights to create an event, but to guests it does not show anything on the page except the text "ADD EVENT" on http://www.fandomica.com/add-event/

Is there a way to either hide this page to th guests or show them a login box etc instead?

Many thanks,

  • Jude

    Howdy @Ian Henry

    Hope you are keeping well and welcome to the community !!

    1) You can use a user role editor plugin and grant any group you want the ability to create and manage events


    2) This will need a theme that has an archive template as shown in the screenshot and the calendar on the right is the upcoming events widget. To get the exact look you may need to have it custom coded.

    3) Yup. This can be done with the snippet below.

    add_action( 'template_redirect', 'redirect_to_specific_page' );
    function redirect_to_specific_page() {
    if ( is_page('add-event') && ! is_user_logged_in() ) {
    wp_redirect( wp_login_url() , 301 );

    Just copy/paste the code into the functions.php file of your child theme or a site specific plugin if you use one.


  • Ian Henry


    It is your plugin events+ this call is referring to.

    So where would I add that code to it?, Would this code get overwritten if when you update your plugin and if so, what do I need to do to prevent that happening if I add the code to your plugin?

    And it is your events+ plugin in the link to the image above.

    So your events+ pages will look nothing like your promo screenshots without custom coding?

    We assumed your sales pitch photos showed the default apperance of the plugin or when configuring / selecting options from the "overide default appearance" settings

    Re the question of roles was aimed at your Events Capabilities plugin which already offers the ability - My question was not how to do it, but what is best form - IE is their any concerns I should not grant a user in the subscriber group the rights for any reason?

  • Jude

    Howdy @Ian Henry

    1) Copy/paste the code into the functions.php file of your child theme or a site specific plugin if you use one. That way you can update the plugin and the theme and it should work fine. You can alternately use a mu plugin if you prefer that.

    2) WP guidelines specify that functionality and presentation be decoupled. This is one of the reasons that our plugins, as much as possible, leave the styling to the theme you pick.

    3) The plugin itself offers basic capabilities where default user roles can be given specific capabilities related to the plugin. You should be able to safely give subscribers the ability to create and manage events.

    Sorry about the initial confusion and thanks for clarifying.


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