I have a few questions about Slide In...

I have a few questions about Slide In.

1) The Mailchimp "Subscribe" button doesn't work when clicked. Nothing happens. How can I start troubleshooting this?

2) How can I make it so it appears right after a very specific theme element...such as the last widget on the right of my site. I know that I can specify when a user scrolls past an element with a specific ID, but I don't have anything with an ID in the space where I'd like the Slide In to "fill"

3) The "Close" button takes the user back to the top of the page...and if they continue reading where they left off, it pops again. I have a feeling they will leave the site if they want to read more but the Slide In pops right where they want to close the Slide In and keep reading

4) What is the best way to customize the Slide In? the 4 basic theme colors do not match my site very well.

Thanks for any help and advice!