I have a few plugin issues with appointments+, membership and your dashboard plugins.

Yesterday I asked how to make some changes to some text fields in the membership plug and have had a nightmare ever since. I never made any changes but instead was advised to install Ultimate Branding to make those changes.

• I installed ultimate branding
• While there I updated the WPMU DEV dashboard and the maps plugin (both had updates available)
• I activated the plugins but found that ultimate wouldn’t install because it needed network access, so I left it
• I went to work on appointments+ and it immediately came up with an error.

Fatal error: Class 'AgmMapModel' not found in /home/burnfatb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/appointments/includes/addons/lib/app_locations.php on line 152

• I email support and was advised to disable maps and remove appointments+ via ftp
• I did this and it worked again
• I decided to install WP as a multi installation and it all went OK, with the exception of the live site not showing, but managed to fix that.
• After that I needed to activate plugins so started with the WPMU dashboard and appointments+ , got the same error again!
Went int o ftp removed appointments+, site worked. I have done this 5 timed now and still get the same error. PC advised to drop appointments+ from myphpdmin, I've done that too but it still doesn't work

PC tried too, but failed.
When ever appointments+ is activated I came up with the same error that I initially had 2 days ago.

1. I have Theme twenty twelve active
2. My site is - http://burnfatbuildmuscle.com.au
3. permalinks set to default

Can you please help me fix this? everything was OK until yesterday when I updated 3 of your plugins.

thank you, Suzie