I have a member who is unable to post to "groups"

I have a member (Kerry Hart) who can't post to groups. When I sign in as her, I try to comment in a group and click "Post Update."

The "Post Update" disappears once I click it and... nothing. Nothing happens. All my other users/members are able to post.

I troubleshooted the hell out of it and nothing worked. I finally completely deleted her account and all associated content. Then I re-added her. Same problem.

I then added a different member and called him "Sherlock Holmes." He was able to post without a problem. OK. I deleted Kerry's account (again) and then re-named Sherlock Holmes to "Kerry Hart" and edited the email address.

And now she's unable to post.

My mind is kind of boggled.

  • Milan

    Hi @ice9design,

    I hope you are having an awesome day. :slight_smile:

    It is kind of strange problem. Just by changing use's email and name he can't post or reply to post is something very strange.

    Here are couple of thing you can do to troubleshoot this issue.

    #1) Have you added any custom code ? If yes then try to roll back to stage where you haven't added any code.
    #2) Try to check her role and permission.
    #3) Try to create new user then just change newly created user's name not email. Then check how it works.
    #4) Finally try to change user's email and then check.

    If issue raises when you change email address then may be with that email address then ensure that there isn't anything permission setup with that email.

    I hope this helps you..

    Warmest Regards,