I have a Multisite WP site and made a backup using

I have a Multisite WP site and made a backup using Snapshot, of tables only--it would not make a backup of files, it just timed out. I assume I can make my own archive/zip of my Wordpress folder and files.

I would like to convert the Multisite install to a "regular" Wordpress installation (non-Multisite) using only the primary site of the Multisite set (don't need any of the other sub-sites). How do I extract everything and convert it?

We are now wishing we had never gone Multisite, since this has become a bigger headache than we anticipated. With non-Multisite WP sites, we're used to using a tool like "Duplicator" or BackupBuddy to easily move sites back-and-forth between live and local machine. Multisite solved some problems but created more problems for us.

Hoping you can point us in the right direction!

Thanks, Clive

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey there Clive,

    In order to extract your main site you would want to do a snapshot of your main site and it's media files. You may want to leave out the wp_users table as it will include ALL users from your entire multisite.

    Keep in mind that while Snapshots migration logic is able to do this, that logic is still in beta which we mention before proceeding with the migration. So just make sure you don't delete the original multisite before you have successfully extracted the main site to another location.

    1. Take a snasphot of main site included Media Files as seen in my screenshot and also "all" blog database tables unless you want to exclude the wp_users and wp_usermeta then re-create just the users you want to keep.

    2. Do a fresh install of WP on another server or wherever you want to extract the site too.

    3. Install the sites theme and plugins, including Snapshot

    4. Upload the mainsite snapshot to: /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/

    5. Go to wp-admin: Snapshots > Import. and click "import/scan for snapshots" - this will import the snapshot you just uploaded

    6. Go to your Snapshot list and "restore" the snapshot you just uploaded.

    This will restore all the database tables from the plugins/themes you previously had and since you've already re-installed those plugins/themes on your site, it should look almost exactly as you had it setup previously.

    The reason we leave out plugins/themes for the snapshot in this case is because it makes the snapshot file very large and unless your server can handle it, it will timeout like what you experienced.

    So, give that a shot and let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile: make sure you do a full back up of your whole multisite before making any changes.


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