Plugin Idea: Show User Last Login Date

I have a popular site where many users register on a weekly basis, but less than half of those are actually active.

Simple plugin idea: A very small plugin that adds a new column to the "Users" page called "Last Logged in." This way i can see who hasn't logged in for more than 1 or 2 months and delete them manually.

Everyone with a popular site (or a multisite) could use this.

The following page shows this function in action, but sadly it's only raw code:

Could anyone turn this into a quick plugin? That's be great!

P.S. I found a plugin today, but it's only tracking users' last login date as of the plugin's installation date. I'd like to go way back to last year...

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey The One,

    Thanks for your plugin request! It is in the features and feedback are so it will be seen by the devs and can be considered.

    I believe the snippet you listed there would still have the same problem as the last login plugin. The reason being is that the code actually saves the time stamp of the users last login as it happens. Before the plugin exists in your WordPress installation there is nothing to save that information, which makes it impossible for the plugin to go back further than the date it was activated.

    That is not to say it's not possible, we'll have to wait and see :slight_smile:

    Thanks again for the request!

    Have a great day.


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