i have a problem with WHMCS and Prosites

1) I installed Pro sites and WHMCS provisioning , actually WHMCS its works very well for me, but when I order from WHMCS ,its will create a site from Prosites automatically. I have 2 levels which is level 1: silver and level 2 : gold. But I dont know why when I ‘ve successful order from WHMCS and at the Prosites at the” prosites field “its shown “0:” didn’t show 1:silver or 2:gold even i order silver. Why ? How do i solve this problem?

2) And also at the” Pro Site privileges will expire: ” it show “Never” even I have setting 3 months period. But when i set trial period it can show the expire date correctly .

I have post this question to the support forum ,but no body could help ! Anybody can help me please ?