I have a question about my network wth traffic

I have a question about traffic. If one site on my network have a lot of traffic. Is that helping the whole network getting on first page on Google ?

  • faydra_deon
    • WordPress Warrior

    Please keep in mind that sites as a whole are not ranked in search engines.

    It is pages that are ranked. If you see yoursite.com ranked in a search engine, it is actually the index page that is being ranked and not the site as a whole.

    This is why you might see yoursite.com/10-best-wordpress-plugins/ ranked as opposed to yoursite.com/about/.

    Essentially, you are seeing the pages of your subsite being ranked, not the whole subsite itself, even though it may seem that way because it is the home page (index) page that is showing up in the search engine.

    This means that pages from your subsite might get ranked and pages from your main site may get ranked, too, but your sites as whole are not being ranked as one complete "unit," for lack of a better term, even if every page is being crawled by a search engine indexer.

    I hope all that makes sense.


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