I have a question about recurring payment setup with stacked billing

I have question on recurring payment setup (For incoming payments).

I am hoping the PayPal can accomplish this somehow.

What I would like to set up a PayPal billing cycle like the following.

A – I would submit an online billing request to the customer only once.

B – The billing cycle would be as follows.

This would all be under ONE BILLING CONTRACT.

The payment would consist of Three Steps:

0 to 60 days would be free. (60 days total – Step One)

Day 61 to day 240 would be for $100.00 for every 30 days.

(Monthly – Same day of every month)

(180 days AFTER the initial 60 days – 240 days total – Step Two)

Day 241 and beyond would be for $300.00 (Monthly – Step Three)

I want this billing model pre-setup so every time a new customer comes aboard

I only have to submit the bill to them once.

And that will kick in the 3 steps of increasing and recurring payments.

How do I go about doing this? Is this able to be done in PayPal?

I do not want to have to go back to the customer after the original 60 Days.

And then also have to go back after the next step of 180 more days (6 months).

And then go back a third time to bump up the payment to the final $300.00.