Hummingbird - Turn all off???

I have a question, hopefully someone from the WPMUDEV developer team can help me. The Hummingbird plugin is amazing, the ability to minify and combine in such an easy interface is a godsend, however i have a gripe!

See, many a time minifying and combining, as well as moving between header and footer breaks a website. That's a fact. Somethings aren't meant to be minified and combined as they can cause conflicts, and somethings just aren't destined to reside in the footer. The Hummingbird panel itself gives the warning;

"moving files between the header and footer of your page can break your website. We recommend tweaking and checking each file as you go and if a setting causes errors then revert the setting here."

So my confusion, why on earth is there NOT a 'turn all minify off' and 'turn all combine off' so that a user can start going through the files one by one and see which cause conflicts?
Would really make life easier, No? Maybe im missing something! XD