I have a question on the "renew" function of the membership plugin. Under "membership

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  • yourcarangel

    Sorry, somehow my full question did not post. I have some questions about the "renew" functions on the membership plugin.
    1) Is it possible to charge a different amount for the renewal than was originally charged for the subscription? For example we are charging $ 9.95 for the subscription and only want to charge $ 5.00 for a renewal.
    2) When the renewal function is active, the sentence "You will pay: $....every 90 days" appears at the time people are signing up or are renewing. Is there a way to change that sentence since it is not true that people will be charged every 90 days, they will only be charged IF they choose to renew. I feel this will scare people from buying since it sounds like an automatic charge will happen on their C.C. every so often.

  • Vaughan


    for the renewals, you would need to create a new set of access rules, exactly the same as your other rules. but give it a different name.

    then in subscription plans, you add that new level to the plan. set your 1st level as finite for 30 days. then they will have to renew for the next level which can be at a different price. this will need to be serial i think. (see screenshot) {edit} you might actually be able to add the same access level to follow with a different price without the need to create a new access level.

    sorry for the delay, the easiest way to change the text would be to use our ultimate branding plugin and then enable the site-wide text change module.

    hope this helps.

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