I have a question regarding grading

We set our pass rate to 80%. We want to know:

When we grade students will the certification be a problem if we do this?

If we grade the student, but the student did not have enough grades to pass and we then want to raise the passing rate to a 100% again, will the certification become a problem? Can we do it? Is there a setting for this?

  • Swapnil

    Hi HawaiiDude,

    Do you mean, the same student would be taking the units again? When a student enrols the user is marked as certified or not certified in the backend. An uncertified user can take it again, provided you have checked "Allow Retries" when creating the unit. When the number of retries allowed is set to 0, the student and re-take it any number of times.

    Now coming back to your question, Do you mean changing the pass rate for the unit, which the student earlier failed? I tried doing this, tested it on my dev environment. The only thing here is that you will have to goto the backend and update the "pass rate" when you want to make it 100%.

    Please let me know if this resolves your query. If not, please feel free to explain here further.

    Swapnil V. Patil

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