I have a question, which help me to make sure about correct

I have a question, which help me to make sure about correct interpretation of terms and conditions for my plans of usage WPMU plugins.
I want to propose for my customers(and on separate website for new customers) hosted solution based on wordpress and some WPMU plugins.
First option is that I will host dedicated wordpress installation for every customer with some WPMU plugins(like membership, pay-per-like and some more) and themes for monthly fee.
If I will manage to make sites via multisite (using f.e. pro site+ plugin), I would make it as a one installation with the ability to create new sites in network.
I’ve read Terms and conditions, that plugins and themes are under GPL license and we can use it however we want, rebrand it, sell it etc. I just want to make sure, if in this usage as I plan, I will have any restrictions which wouldn’t me allow to use WPMU plugins and themes.
Will be grateful for answer,
Regards, Damo

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Damo

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Yes, it is perfectly all right to use our products in the manner you have described.

    If they are all installed on a multisite network, and offered to your users as premium plugins and themes with Pro Sites, all that really means is that you are using them on your site, but you're making some money with them. Which is exactly what we want for you! :slight_smile:

    There are really no restrictions in how you can use them on your site like that.

    However, if you plan to take a plugin, rebrand it as your own, and then sell it to someone else to use on their own WordPress install, restrictions do apply...

    As WordPress itself is GPL-licensed, everything that relies on WordPress must also be GPL-licensed. But, even though the base code of plugins & themes may be GPL-licensed, you must take care to respect copyrighted material (CSS, images, proprietary javascript, etc.).

    Please do let us know if this helps, and don't hesitate to post again if you need to.

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