I have a signup on my Free blog Site and its an Amazon affiliate site

I have a signup on my Free blog Site and its an amazon affiliate site.
I also have an Amazon affiliate site and I see nothing wrong with one, But wanted to get the opinion of everyone on it.
I have a few spam catching plugins and Anti Splog did catch the same person signing up
http://suwanza03.bloginsphere.com and Jailed it. But the next one below was ok buy it
the link below was Flagged for possibly containing a non-allowed word. ((On a Side Note for the developers) wouldn't it be nice if the flagged word was highlighted for the admin?)
Continuing I also have AVH Plugin and it checks Spamhaus and stopforum spam and works great.

Would you consider this a Splog site?

  • aecnu

    Greetings DirectoryDude,

    Thank you for the additional input which is indeed appreciated.

    After a complete re-read of this post this morning I have to admit I would consider if I wanted this type of site on my MultiSite.

    It seems that they are taking advantage of the situation with not just one page but several.

    This has made me rethink about offering free web sites at all ... lol

    It seems they are clearly getting over, unintended use, and I do not think that the adsense type ads are going to generate revenue the way they have done it.

    But that is just my opinion of course and has made it certain that I will not be using a free model in the future.

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings DirectoryDude,

    Thank you for your additional input.

    I think that as time goes on you will find that the free model just isn't paying off and you may indeed want to go to just paid but delivering or more accurately offering the client something they cannot get elsewhere.

    Also where are you marketing your MultiSite?

    This is the tough one to decide since the market is flooded with freebies so what can you offer them that is better then or preferably unique? Niche marketing so to speak. That is the question you need to answer in any vent to get away from the spammers.

    It is my opinion hat EDU Blogs success was at minimum due to the niche market they went after. This could go in the points to ponder category ... lol

    Cheers, Joe

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