I have a slider which promotes a specific category

Hello, I have a slider which promotes a specific category of posts. But I need to advertise in my slider a special offer so, a link to the Special Offer page (this is not post). I dont want to make Special Offer as post because the post format (date, picture etc) is not what I want for my pages.

Is there any way or trick how to make a post look like a page?

  • Patrick

    Hi @dinko

    There is nothing stopping you from not including an image in a post for your Special Offer.

    Also, yes there is a neat trick to remove the metadata (date, etc) from only one post if you need to. The trick is to simply targeting the post ID with CSS.

    WordPress automatically assigns a body class to every post (including pages and custom post types) with the post ID so you can style specific posts to make them unique.

    Find the post ID by hovering your mouse pointer over the post in your wp-admin under Posts > All Posts. Look at the bottom -left corner of your browser and you will see the URL there. The ID is the number in the URL where you see post=255

    Then, add the following to your theme's style-sheet (change the 255 to the actual ID of your post):

    body.postid-255 .post-meta {

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