I have a Taxonomy editing question using CustomPress

I have used CustomPress to create both Post types and Taxonomies associated with those Post types.

However, when editing the Taxonomy definition - Content Types, Taxonomies and then click "Edit" under the taxonomy, I am finding that the Labels and most of the "Show ...", Hierarchical, Rewrite settings are lost requiring me to re-enter them.

For example: while editing a Taxonomy I can click "Public", "Show Admin Column" and set them to "True" and the appropriate settings are showing. I click "Save Changes".

And, in the "Content Types, Taxonomies" screen I see that the Name is now blank.

So I go back in and add in the Name (by editing the Labels) then the Public, Hierarchical and Rewrite settings are lost. When I go back in to correct the Public, Hierarchical and Rewrite settings then I lose the Labels... etc.

Thank you