I have a upcoming project building a site for a salvage

I have a upcoming project building a site for a salvage yard. They have an inventory of hundreds of cars that they do not sell whole they sell the parts off of them. What they want is a searchable database of all their cars including 4 photos of each car along with the make, model, year, stock number and brief descriptions. You should be able to search this inventory by make model year and stock number.

Their main reason for this is when someone calls in or looks at their Craigslist ads they can give out the stock number so that the person can see 4 photos of the car in their inventory.

I have looked at a few themes that are geared toward New & Used car dealers and that really does not fit this application as we are not selling the car therefore there will not be a price on the vehicle.

I have tried a few plugins like:




I cannot seem to get any to work correctly for this application.

Does anyone know how I can make this project happen?

Is there a better way to handle this project?

Any help is greatly appreciated……..