I have a user name and password that I use for most of my

I have a user name and password that I use for most of my WP installs -- for admin ----

Since I did not know that the superadmin and site admin views were different ---- I need to have the super admin login -- special or different than all of the sites -- u/n and p/w -- mainly because all of my outsource team -- knows the other login as standard ---

so I went in and created a second -- superadmin ----
and all of the sites are assigned to my first superadmin user account --
which is the way I would want it --

So how do I reduce the role of the first superadmin to a site admin permissions --- I do not see role assignment under users

To restate: I have 2 superadmin users - and I want to reduce the rights of the one that has all the sites under it -- to site admin

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    If I login as my other superadmin ----

    and go to user and my main superadmin account it says:

    Super admin privileges cannot be removed because this user has the network admin email.

    So how do I change this --- I have two suadmin accounts superadmin-1 and superadmin-2

    superadmin1 also owns 160 of my sites, thus is the site admin also --
    this is causing severe delays in the dashboard -- because when I login as superadmin-1 -- it loads data on every site -- taking 1 minute between every command I try to do ---

    I need to make superadmin-2 the main superadmin --- and superadmin 1 --- the site admins ---- suadmin 1 -- is the main logins I use for my outsourcers site admin logins -- and I don't want them to have the superadmin logins ---


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    ***************************Important Note for all Support ********************************
    This is something to take note of --

    I did not know their was a difference of view between site admin and super admin -- so I created 140 sites all owned by the superadmin id -- which was also the site admin for each site ---

    Major issues occurred where when I would click a dashboard menu command -- it would take 1 minute or more for the new page to come up - in the bottom left corner of the screen it would thrash through every sub-site --

    waiting for connection site 1
    connecting site 1
    transferring data site 1
    over and over again -- for every site on the network

    every time I tried to go to a new page -----***********

    This would also occur when I was logged into each of my own sites as site admin --- so it took me forever to do anything ----

    It turns out that MU has to load information for any sites the logged in user owned each time -----

    so now I have one admin login for each set of three sites --- and superadmin owns nothing but network admin and the core site --

    Now when I login to my local site -- as site admin -- and I issue a menu command - it only cycles through those three sites and it is very quick --

    Now assigning new site admins was easy --

    Getting rid of the main superadmin proved to be a half a day challenge.

    it will not let you create a second superadmin and then delete the original because the email is the network email --- and it wont let you change the role -- the option is not even there ---

    To tell you the truth I am not sure totally how I fixed it -- Everything I did would not work --- and then finally it took --- the hard part was getting rid of the network email -- and I am still not sure it is right ---

    I had to go into site_meta -- and I switched the order of the main superadmin by renaming the original one to the name of the new one and the new one to the name of the old one in phpadmin -- including the length of the usernames and the order indicator ---- then it took me about 3 hours of manipulation - to get the network email to change ---- in sites ---

    The interesting part is what happened when superadmin was network admin and site admin of 140 sites and owned them all ---

    So here is a rule of thumb that should be included in the docs ---

    The new superadmin owns no sites directely --- and man -- The dashboard network admin -- is so fast -- you hit a command And 1-3 secs later your page comes up ---- not like before It used to take 1 minute or more every time I entered a command ---

    So Lesson: Have admin accounts own each set of sites Have the network admin -- own 0 sites --

    And the pattern is this --

    Lets say my actioninphoenix site admin login -- owns 6 sites --

    Anytime you are in the dashboard of one of those sites --- And you hit a dashboard menu item -- It will cycle through all the sites it owns in the lower bottom of the screen --- So it must be loading basic information about each site --

    So obviously the fewer the sites that are owned by each site admin the better And have the superadmin own 0

    You may want to share that with your group ---- Pretty critical performance information -- especially since no one Could figure out the problem in a week --

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