I have a website built 70% and I feel like I should upload


I have a website built 70% and I feel like I should upload it online from my local mamp setup so I can seek advice on specific things on the website. I have already setup a ftp connection with cpanel so I can easily transfer the wordpress files and an exported sql file from phpmyadmin imported into a new database on cpanel.

But, I have a couple of questions:

1) I understand that I can manually upload everything and search and replace urls for the sql database. But to keep it simple as it is my first attempt, I would like to use a plugin. Could you please recommend a plugin to bring the site automatically alive?

2) As it is still in construction mode, I will be using a under construction plugin but I need to share it with my brother as it is for him. Should I be making a separate user id for him as an editor etc. in wordpress so he can view the progress or is there a more efficient way to achieve this?

3)Any visually striking / fancy 'Under Construction' plugins you can recommend?

4) Once its said and done, how can I make the process of editing the site efficient. Should I use the editor in wordpress to make changes to style.css etc. or should I upload the edited style.css everytime? What is the most efficient way to make changes to a live wordpress website?

Thank you for answering :slight_smile: