I have a wordpress / buddpyress site, with 3000 users, who

I have a wordpress / buddpyress site, with 3000 users, who are all signed up as contributors. I am looking to convert this into a wordpress multisite, create a new blog/site, and add all 3,000 users to the new blog/site as contributors. Is there a better way to do this?

eg - mysite.com/profiles/
(wordpress installed in subfolder named profiles currently)
becomes mysite.com/profiles/newMSone

Where newMSone is a new site created by me after converted this to multisite - then need to add all previous users to the newMSone site.

Looking over the instructions on a couple of plugins here, they pretty much need to be done one email addy at a time, certainly there is a better way to do this?
I also looked at /project/add-existing-users/

  • djsteve
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    Thank you, I think the batch create will be the most effecient option at this time. I have a couple of other plugins that will export user data, so I am assuming that I can export that, then open it up in excel and delete some columns, then import this with the batch create plugin to add users to the new blog created in the new multi-site.

    I am making backups of the files and database in case something fails between the processes. Hope all goes well! Thanks.

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